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The Server allows players multiple players to play together. You can find a list of official and player hosted server in the menu after you login in the game client.

Setting up a Server

Setting up a server is fairly simple. The server should run on the majority of Linux distros that support the Mono Runtime and on Windows computers with .NET 4 installed.


The server requires .NET 4 to be installed in order to run. This should be pre-installed with the latest Windows versions or through Windows Update. However if you do not have installed you can get it here.

Once you have the required runtimes installed you can simply double click DedicatedServer.exe in the server folder and it will start. Servers by default will be added to the server lobby.


When running on Linux the server requires Mono to be installed. Once you have mono installed and the server folder on your Linux machine. CD to the correct directory where the server folder is located and simply run it by typing 'mono DedicatedServer.exe' . The server should begin and print to console Server Started.

Mono Optimisation

Note: This is no longer needed on newer versions of Mono. If you run the server on a Linux machine it is incredibly beneficial to use –gc=sgen parameter setting when you run it from Mono in command line. mono –gc=sgen dedicatedserver.exe This is because the default garbage collector performs incredibly bad with the Sky Nations and will cause a lot of stuttering during play for your players. This will set the mono to use a generation based garbage collector similar to .NETs which will eliminate the stutter.

Port Forwarding/DMZ

It is important to note that you must port forward the server on your router. By default the server uses the port 25000. Or optionally you can DMZ your router so you don't have to port forward a specific port. If this is not done you will find online users cannot connect to your server.

Server Settings

Server Settings.xml can be found in the GameData directory of the server folder. It can be open with notepad or other basic text application. For the moment Server Settings.xml allows you to setup some of the base settings of your server including its name and how many players can join. The following are the elements available and their functionality. Note: This is only read once at server start up, to refresh these settings you must restart the server.

  • <Name>My Server's Name'</Name> - Sets the name your server will appear as on the server list.
  • <Port>25000</Port> - Sets the port the server will use.
  • <Listen></Listen> - Sets the IP for the server to listen on. Default is which will listen on any IP.
  • <WhiteListed>false</WhiteListed> - Currently unused.
  • <MaxPlayers>100</MaxPlayers> - Sets the player limit for your server.
  • <Public>true</Public> - Sets whether the server will appear on the server list(true) or whether it is private(false).
  • <AuthPlayers>false</AuthPlayers> - Unused outside of debug environments.
  • <RootAdmin>YourName</RootAdmin> - Sets the account that will be the initial admin on a server. You should put your account name here, then when you're in game you can set others as admins with the /admin command.
  • <Seed>1</Seed> - Sets the seed the world be generated from.
  • <MOTD>My Message on server join</MOTD> - Sets the message shown on joining a server.
  • <TimeCompression>1</TimeCompression> - Sets the multiplier at which time passes in-game. For instance at 1 this means 1 minute passes the same amount of time as real life. But set to 2, 2 minutes will pass for every one minute in real life.
  • <VirtualFileSystem/> Depreciated.
  • <KeepInMemory/> Depreciated.
  • <TurretSafetyRange>6</TurretSafetyRange> - Sets the amount of jumps away from the spawn Turrets can be placed.
  • <TickRate>100</TickRate> - Sets the amount of updates the server will attempt to do per second. Once it reaches this number it will sleep for the remaining time and release the CPU. If the server is under heavy load and cannot reach the desired tick rate it will not sleep.

First Time Startup

The first time you start up your Sky Nations server it will ask you in the console to enter a number. This is the count of how many sectors will be generated in the map. Sectors are the individual areas you jump between that you may of seen in-game while playing. It is recommended to choose about 50 or more as this will be all the areas you have to explore. Once you've entered a number hit enter to confirm it. The server will then generate all these areas. This will take sometime so please wait patiently and do not interrupt or close the server. Depending on how many you choose it will take a longer/shorter amount of time.

Once this is done your server is ready to join and play on! Simply find it on the Server List or join it by IP from the server lobby.

Automation of map generation

For people wishing to automate the map generation process and not have the prompt to choose the amount of sectors such as those renting servers. You can simple supply the commandline argument “sectors=[number]”. Replacing [number] with the given amount you want. This will disable the prompt and generate a map if there isn't already one.


When running a server it is useful to know the Admin commands that are available to you. You can find them here.

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