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Sky Nations modding support comes in two flavours. Client and Server side modding.

Client Modding

Client side modding allows you to create custom texture packs and use them while playing the game. Only you can see these changes. The texture packs can also be shared with other players. You can do this by dropping the texture packs in the [Sky Nations Install]/GameData/Skins/ directory. Then opening the Options menu in game and picking the texture pack you would like to use there.

Creating a Texture Pack Guide

Server Modding

Sky Nations supports modular mods on the server end. These can add C# scripts, chat commands, blocks, items and guides to the game. These are contained in their own folders under:


In the server directory. There is also some more broader scripts available to be edited in the scripts folder located at


However these scripts are more designed to be edited by the server host and edits to these are not as easy to install as simply dropping a mod into a directory.

Scripts are never sent to the client for security reasons and executed only on the server. However a list of the custom items, blocks and guides are automatically downloaded so the client does not have to manually install them before playing on a server.

To create a mod all you need to do is create a folder in:


With the name you would like for your mod. You can then enable this mod on the server in Server Settings.xml(located in the base server directory). Which you can open with any standard text editor such as notepad.By adding the following tags to your Server Settings.xml you will enable the given mod.


Example being replaced with the mods name. You can enable multiple mods in the same way.


Once you have your mod folder and it's enabled for the server you can use it to do the following:

For information on creating and installing Texture Packs for servers see here.

An example mod also exists in:


Which shows the basics of setting up items, blocks and scripts. Which is worth checking out to get an idea of how it works. It's also possible to copy this mod and work off by modifying it to learn.

You can find documentation for scripting API below:

If you have any questions about modding you're always welcome to ask on the forums:

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