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-====== Link Drives ====== +//​This ​feature was depreciated.//
- +
-Link Drives allow the inhabitants of Sky Nations to travel between parallel universes using their ships as a vessel. Or more simply put, to jump ships from one server to another. Currently their functionality can only be accessed through Admin commands as the block is inactive until a coming update. +
- +
-{{:​linkdrive.jpg?​300|}} +
-A link drive. +
- +
-=====Linking Servers===== +
-For ships to be able to jump between servers, the servers must be linked. This can be done in one of two ways. Firstly servers can either listen for links or connect to them. For instance if you have two servers at least one of the servers must be listening so the other can connect to it. This is currently done with admin commands, until a later stage in development. These are the following:​ +
-  * '''​/linkhost'''​ - Makes the game server begin listening for other servers trying to connect.  +
-  * '''​/linkconnect'''​ ''​ip''​ ''​port''​ ''​linkKey''​ - Connects to a server with the given ip, port and Link Key. The port for link connect is always the Server Settings.xml port +1. For example the default port is 25000 for servers. So Server Links use port 25001(25000 + 1). A Link Key is a password, to make sure unwanted servers cannot connect maliciously to others. For a server to be able to connect to a hosting/​listening link server it must know its Link Key. Which is set to a random string in the Server Settings.xml which also be set manually by users by replacing the random one. This requires the admin of the hosting server to give it out to servers who want to connect +
-  * '''​/linkwarp'''​ ''​serverName''​ - Warps the ship you are currently standing on to a server of the given name. The server name is case sensitive. Current this does not auto-reconnect the users to the new server so it is best to warn users and tell them to relogin to the server their ship has been moved to. Ship's will be warped to a random location within the server destination they have jumped to. +
- +
-====Interdimensional Travel Rules==== +
-Even though you're breaking the rules of physics, you are still bound by some rules when hopping dimensions. These are the following:​ +
-  * Sculpted Items will not make it through with you, be it in the ship's chests or being worn by you. They are unique to each dimension due to divergence. +
-  * You are not you from the other dimension! More specifically your inventory is separate in both dimensions and cannot be brought through with the ship, unless it is packed into a storage crate.+
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