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Items can do be obtained in many ways and are the primary way in which the player interact within the world. As the game is updated more with many different unique abilities will be added. Please note that some items are not obtainable yet. But can be obtained by the /give command.


ID Name Description Stack Size Fuel
0MalletHit things to break them. No instruction needed.100n/a
1Steering PanelA block used to steer ships. 100n/a
2IceSlippery and cold.100n/a
3Iron CannonA static facing cannon. Right click to fire once placed.10 Block Damage. 50 Splash Damage100n/a
4ProdPoke your enemies into submission.15 Melee Damage1n/a
5SPSShip Positioning System. SPS will guide you to specific coordinates entered into it.100n/a
6GlassA weak but transparent material suitable for windows. 100n/a
7Cut GrassTall grass that has been cut from the ground.100n/a
8LanternA small light source. 100n/a
9Sand StoneStone made from sand. 100n/a
10PlankPlanks created from a wooden log. 10010
11Wooden PlatformA more frugal way of building bridges. 100n/a
12Battered Power CellProvides a larger pool to store energy. +100 Energy Capacity100n/a
13Stone BrickA great building material, though very heavy. 100n/a
14Molten RockVery hot rock, close to melting point. Makes a great fuel source. 100100
15LogWooden log. Can be converted into planks with crafting. Can also be used to grow a new tree.100n/a
16Battered ThrusterA small propulsion device, its seen better days. 100n/a
17CopperA lightweight block. Common for ship's armor. 100n/a
18WorkbenchUsed for crafting many items. 100n/a
19Wood DeckingA thin sheet of planks. 100n/a
20Blue LanternA lantern that emits blue light. 100n/a
21DirtA natural and common material. Can be used to grow things. 100n/a
22StoneA natural and common material. 100n/a
23Item KitA kit with all you need to make one wearable item. Select it in your hand and then left click to open it.100n/a
24CoalA great source of fuel. 10030
25Capture StoneUsed to claim islands for your group.100n/a
26Unrefined IronUnrefined iron, refine to make iron blocks. 100n/a
27Leafy SoupSmells horrible, looks horrible, tastes.. 25 Health over 5 seconds.100n/a
28Ammo CrateUsed to store live ammunition. The ship will pull ammo from this for cannons and other weapons. 100n/a
29SandA soft material which can be smelted into glass. 100n/a
30Iron BlockA strong material. Great for building defenses. 100n/a
31Hard GlassA stronger glass material, much better for battle than ordinary glass. 100n/a
32Energy WellKeeps your ship afloat, holds it together and disperses energy between its machines. Right click one on the ground to create a ship platform.100n/a
33Burntout CoreA long burnt out energy core. May still have a small charge in it. 100n/a
34Cannon BallAmmunition for cannons.100n/a
35Wooden LadderClimb up vertical surfaces with this grand invention.100n/a
36Red Stone BrickStone brick painted red.100n/a
37StepHalf block of stone. 100n/a
38Respawn ChamberUse this to bind your respawn to the area. Right clicking this block once after it is placed will mean you respawn to it's position when you die. 100n/a
39Storage CrateStore your bounty here. 128 Storage. 100n/a
40LeavesA a tuft of leaves. 100n/a
41HammerUsed to repair hard and soft blocks.100n/a
42Blow torchUsed to repair metallic blocks.100n/a
43WrenchUsed to fix damaged machines.100n/a
44SteelAn incredibly strong metal and light weight but difficult to refine. Makes for a sturdy ship! 100n/a
45TitaniumA very strong metal. Reasonably heavy but still viable for ships. 100n/a
46MarbleA fancy stone for a fancy man. 100n/a
47White Stone BrickStone brick painted white. 100n/a
48Black Granite BricksPretty good for building defensive structures. Also classy. 100n/a
49Mounted RepeaterA mounted gun capable of shooting at a rapid pace. Limited turning circle.100n/a
50RadarKeep your enemies in sight with a radar. Tier 1100n/a
51Ancient BricksDusty and old but sturdy. 100n/a
52Ancient SlabOnce graced the halls of ancient structures. Now kind of dusty. 100n/a
53Mass GeneratorGenerates energy from consuming materials.100n/a
54Reset BlockResets player's inventory.100n/a
55IndestructiumIndestructable Material.100n/a
56Admin MalletHit things to OBLITERATE THEM.100n/a
57Link DriveUsed to jump to different dimensions.100n/a
58Plank StepA wooden step.100n/a
59Copper TelescopeKeep an eye out with your very own Copper Telescope.100n/a
60Old ShotgunAn old fashioned gun with a large spread. High Recoil. 8 Pellets. 10 Dmg PP.1n/a
61Copper BulletsA basic ammo type moulded from copper.100n/a
62Steel LadderStronger than you're average ladder. 100n/a
63Copper DoorKeeps the draft out. 100n/a
64Steel ShuttersA great defensive window. Right click to toggle open/close.100n/a
65Egg SackA great defensive window. Right click to toggle open/close.100n/a
66TitaniteAn ore used to make Titanium and expensive machinery.100n/a
67Copper Defense GunAn automated turret that will shoot at opposing Nation's players. This can only be placed on land. 100n/a
68Copper StrutCheap struts made from copper. 100n/a
69EWDSDetects defenses just outside of their range enabling you to safely avoid them.100n/a
70SignA holographic sign. Right click it to change it's text.100n/a
71Trade StationText.100n/a
72LaserFires a laser capable of burning blocks. Can be turned on and off by right clicking.-100 Energy per second. Machine100n/a
73Focusing LenseFocuses lasers up to three times to increase the laser's strength. Machine100n/a
74Item MagnetWhen placed on top of a storage block such as a Crate, it will attract items to it and place them inside the storage block. Machine100n/a
76CoinsCurrency useful for trading with merchants and players for goods.100000n/a
77Green LanternA 211 day campaign to turn this tiny light on.100n/a
78Unrefined CopperStone with copper ore inside it. It can be crafted to multiple copper blocks at a Workbench.100n/a
79Escape DriveAllows you to recall the ship back to a safe position. Those standing on the ship will be killed by the jump. The jump requires 15 seconds to charge in which the ship will attempt to protect itself with a shield.1n/a
80Reclaim MachineAllows you to recall a ship back to it's position. However the ship must have an Escape Drive and you must know the Ship Code assigned to it.1n/a
81Scan NodePlace 8 of these into a cube or rectangular shape and you can use them to scan ships. Scanning ships allows you to save their data in order to produce duplicates. Scan Nodes can only be used on the ground.1n/a
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