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The Sky Nation's world consists of many different floating islands and relics from a previous age. These contain different materials and have various uses to players when exploring. They are slowly being expanded with content updates.

Pillar Islands

Pillar islands float very low to the cloud layer. They consist of very tall pillars of rock and dirt and contain many minerals useful to players in crafting.

In rare cases there may be special components from ships that have been abandoned there.


Desert Islands

Desert islands are smooth grass lands with beaches that float at a medium height. Currently they are the only place trees can be found to gather wood.

These islands make great platforms for building docks and bases.



Glaciers form in cold temperatures at varying altitudes. They are frozen water vapor that have amassed to large obstacles, made completely made of ice. Players will slide about on them, making them dangerous to mine from. Currently they do not provide any required crafting materials to players.


Machine Spheres

Machine Spheres are colossal machines from a long time ago. Most have been stripped for parts and ravaged by the winds, but they are a great place to find key components for ships.


Bubble Islands

Bubble islands were formed from large bubbles of magma raising from the earth and their surface cooling in the colder air at high altitude. They mostly consist of stone and dirt, but still have big amounts of Molten Rock in their boiling hot insides.


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