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This is a list of all the default bound controls in the game. You can rebind them in the F11 options menu.

Player Controls

Control Action
W,A,S and D Move forward, left, backward and right.
Space Jump.
I Opens and closes the Inventory menu.
Q Opens left Tool Belt. This allows easy access to your tools. You can place items to this Bar by dragging them to it in the inventory menu.
E Opens right Item bar. This is a list of all the items you currently hold in your inventory. You can use the mouse scroller to scroll through them and use the number keys 1-6 to select one quickly.
Left Mouse Button Uses the currently selected item. This will place a block if you have a block selected in either item bar for example.
Right Mouse Button Interacts with a block you are facing. For example opening a Work Bench menu.
Moving the Mouse Rotates the camera so long as you are not in a menu.
Enter Opens the chat window. Pressing again will send the message you have typed.
Esc Opens pause menu if no menu is currently open. If in any menu it will close that menu.
Holding Shift Stops you from falling off the edge of blocks so you can easily create extruding platforms.
M Opens map allowing you to see all the links between sectors. Click Sectors will allow you to easily plan routes between them by choosing “Set Destination”.
B Opens the in-game knowledge base. Here you can find short guides on how various parts of the game works and a lists of data about items and other mechanics.
Tab If the UI is open hitting tab will clear the UI quickly and close it allowing you to move in-game or react to something.

Ship Controls

Control Action
W and S Accelerate and Decelerate. Releasing the key will keep you at the speed you are currently at.
A and D Turns left and right.
Space Ascends.
Ctrl Descends.
Left Shift Brakes and decelerates the ship to zero.

Inventory Controls

Control Action
Left Mouse Button Pick up/drop a stack of items.
Right Mouse Button Pick up/drop a single item.
Ctrl + Left Mouse Button Pick up/drop half a stack of items.

Misc Controls

Control Key
Esc Opens the pause menu.
F2 Shows a debug overlay.
F6 Toggles in-game HUD. This allows you to turn it off so you can take screenshots.
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