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Chat Commands

Commands are used for various things in Sky Nations. They are entered by typing them in the in-game chat and all begin '/' to denote they are a command. Currently command access is split into three categories: 'Player', 'Moderator' and 'Admin'. Player commands are available to everyone, Moderator commands are available to Moderators and Admins and Admin commands are available solely to admins.

Many of these commands can be changed or added to via the Chat.cs script in the server mod API.

Admin Commands

  • /shutdown - Tells server to stop and exit.
  • /hour newHour - Sets the server to the hour specified in newHour.
  • /timecomp compress - Sets the servers time compression multiplier(how fast time moves).
  • /setpos x y z - Sets the users position to the x, y and z specified.
  • /give itemName itemAmount - Gives the user itemAmount of a given itemName. Note: this command is not case sensitive. Note2: For items made out of 2 words, just write it with the spaces. Ex : /give leafy soup 3 is used to give yourself 3 leafy soups
  • /kick playerName - Kicks a player with playerName from the server, though they may rejoin whenever they like.
  • /ban playerName - Bans a player with playerName 's account and IP from the server. They will not be able to rejoin or play on the server until they are unbanned(/unban).
  • /unban playerName - Unbans a player from the ban list with username playerName.
  • /banlist - Gives a list of all the currently banned accounts on the server via chat messages.
  • /admin playerName - Makes a player with playerName an admin.
  • /bring playerName - Teleports a player with playerName to you.
  • /saveall - Saves all current chunks and regions live on the server.
  • /tp playername - Teleports you to a player with the given name.
  • /protect - Protects the current chunk you are standing on.
  • /unprotect - Unprotects the current chunk you are standing on.
  • /getchunk - Gets the current chunk you are standing on's ID and ShipID.
  • /ts shipID - Teleports you to the ship with the given shipID.
  • /bs shipID - Brings the ship with the given shipID to you.
  • /delete shipID - Deletes the ship with the given shipID.
  • /setspawn - Sets the current location as the default spawn point.
  • /mod playername - Makes the specified player a moderator.
  • /kickall - Disconnects all players other than the player who entered it.
  • /motd message - Sets the current MOTD for players joining the server. This not save, next time the server restarts will default back to the one in Server Settings.xml.

Moderator Commands

  • /mute playername - Mutes the given player so they cannot speak in public chat. They can however send whispers. Mute status saves. So if they log off and log back on they will still be muted. Only live players can be muted/unmuted.
  • /unmute playername - Unmutes the given player so they can talk again.
  • /saveall - Same as admin command.

Player Commands

  • /die - Kills the user.
  • /whisper playerName message - Sends a private message to a player with playerName. /tell or /w can also be used.
  • /who - Will display a list of currently online players to users chat box.
  • /r message - Replys to the last person who sent you a whisper.
  • /help - Provides player with a list of commands that are available to them based on their access(player, moderator or admin) with descriptions of their parameters and functions.
  • /shipid - Returns the unique ID of your ship. This is useful for admins to help you in some cases.
  • /allyaccept - Accepts an invitation to ally with another Nation. Can only be used by Nation leaders.
  • /accept - Accepts most recent invitation to join a Nation.
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